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NIB Rail are an exciting new Rail Company established to provide the highest level of Industry Certified Labour, as well as the foundation, and fully accredited advanced training for all levels of Railway Industry Personnel. We operate under a strict Quality Management Structure where we implement the highest standards of Operational, Health and Safety, Human Resource and Environmental working practices. We strive for continuous improvement in all aspects of our business, be it contingency labour supply or fully Certified Railway Industry Training.

Training is carried out to the highest standards from both a Certification, and customer basis. In addition, we actively look to support our Learners through providing work-based experience and we will not simply train our learners and then look to pass them on.

NIB Rail’s aim is to build a fully diverse workforce of skilled, quality, reliable and enthusiastic, as well as passionate individuals who possess a team ethos, trained in house who have been given the opportunity to develop for themselves, in partnership with NIB Rail, a clear career path both personally and professionally.

If your are Ambitious and want to develop a career in the Rail Industry then NIB Rail is the Partner Company for you.